Easiest to Use

Trading Assistant

Use predefined trading scripts or create custom scripts to automate your trading strategies.

Using Whale's Secret you can automate repetitive tasks and thus save time while trading. You can also automate responses to various events on the market to get advantage over manual traders.

Our Trading Assistant Features

Unified Access to Exchanges

With Whale's Secret, you can use one interface to trade on many Bitcoin and crypto exchanges.

Trading Automation Tools

Many tasks in trading are repetitive and Whale's Secret is here to help. It comes with a large number of scripts that help you automate these tasks and thus save your time.

Curated Community Trading Scripts

We check the code of community contributors ourselves and tradings scripts that conform to the high quality standards can be downloaded directly from our store.

Custom Trading Scripts in C#

If you are a developer, you can write your own trading strategies and automation tasks in C#.

Sandboxed Execution

Trading scripts are executed in a safe sandboxed environment so that they can not harm your computer, access your data, or use your computer to perform tasks not related to trading.

In-app Technical Analysis

Powered by TradingView, Whale's Secret allows you to analyze the market charts directly in the app where you control the scripts.

Exquisite Client Support

If it happens that you need support with using our product, it will be the experience that will make you stick with us. This is what makes us different. This is why you will want to recommend our services to others. We will not let you down whatever the problem is.

Reliable Exchange Intergration

Our core focus during the development of Whale's Secret was to make sure that the trading scripts run seamlessly not only when everything is calm on the market, but also when the market is most volatile and the exchanges are under pressure of high volume. Your automated trading strategy will thus not lose money because of technical issues or unhandled edge cases.