What Is Whale's Secret?

Whale's Secret is a trading assistent for Bitcoin and crypto trading platforms. It provides a unified interface to multiple exchanges and a large spectrum of tools that improve performance of traders of all kinds. From hobbyist to professionals, Whale's Secret makes your trading easier, faster, and more reliable.

Whale's Secret is based on trading scripts written in C# language. The trading scripts are executed in a sandboxed environment to protect the users, who want to work with scripts of third party authors, from being infected with malware. The scripts are limited to trading tasks only and can not access user or system data on the computer, nor can they interact with servers and webs on the Internet.

Developers can use Whale's Secret to create their own trading scripts in order to implement simple automated tasks, or fully automated complex strategies.

Who Are We?

Whale's Secret is developed by AITIS s.r.o., which focuses on providing support for online businesses since 2010.

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